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Choose from the world’s most popular indices, including the FTSE 100, S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average and many others.


Execution type


Avg. spread
per lot/side
Long swap
Short swap
Stop level

Trading hours

Daily break 5:30-6:10, 20:00-22:50
US30, FR40, DE30, USTEC, US500, STOXX50, UK100
Daily break 21:00-23:30
HK50, JP225
Daily break 21:00-00:00
All timings are in server time (GMT+0).


Spreads are always floating, so the spreads in the table above are yesterday’s averages. For live spreads, please refer to the trading platform.


Swap values may be updated on a daily basis. Read important information in our Help Center.

If you are a resident of a Muslim country, all accounts are automatically swap-free.

Fixed margin

When trading indices, leverage is fixed at 1:400 for US30, US500 and USTEC, and 1:200 for other indices, except in the following circumstances:

Daily breaks

All indices’ daily higher margin requirements depend on the specific index. You can find a list of all higher margin requirements for indices here.

All indices’ daily higher margin requirements depend on the specific index. You can find a list of all higher margin requirements for indices here.

Frequently asked questions

Here are our most frequently asked questions about trading indices with Exness.

We introduced periods of increased margin and reduced leverage to protect you from potential adverse price action due to increased market volatility in indices trading. We also extended our trading sessions for indices, to give you greater opportunity to trade with the standard margin requirements.

The following rules apply when it comes to setting levels for pending orders:

  • Pending orders along with SL and TP (for pending orders) must be set at a distance (at least the same as current spread or more) from the current market price.

  • SL and TP in pending orders must be set at least the same distance from the order price as the current spread.

  • For open positions, SL and TP must be set at a distance from the current market price which is at least the same as that of the current spread.

At Exness, we know how it feels when your pending order falls in a price gap, so it’s only fair that we guarantee no slippage for virtually all pending orders that are executed at least 3 hours after trading opens for an instrument. However, if your order meets any of the following criteria, it will be executed at the first market quote that follows the gap:

  • If your pending order is executed in market conditions that are not normal, such as during a period of low liquidity or high volatility.

  • If your pending order falls in a gap but the difference in pips between the first market quote (after the gap) and the requested price of the order is equal to or exceeds a certain number of pips (gap level value) for a particular instrument.

Gap level regulation applies to specific trading instruments.

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