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Trade across multiple markets with the most stable and reliable pricing in the industry.

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Our withdrawals are carried out in seconds with no manual processing, including on weekends.

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Fast & reliable execution

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Transparent price history

Tick-level data across all instruments
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Access and trade global markets


Trade the world’s largest market with spreads starting from 0 pips

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Trade stocks of the biggest names in the international stock market with low transaction costs

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Diversify your portfolio and trade oil, natural gas and metals

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Accounts to suit your trading strategy

Standard accounts


Feature-rich, commission-free accounts that suit the needs of today’s traders. Sign up and experience the advantages of our most popular account.
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Professional accounts

Raw Spread



Flexible choice between raw spread model, zero spread and zero commission. For experienced traders, scalpers and algotraders.
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The numbers that make up Exness

From trading volume to number of active clients, we are happy to share with you the figures that make us one of the world’s leading brokers
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$3.9 trillion

Trading volume in November 2023


Active clients in November 2023

$1.71 billion

Client withdrawals in Q3 2023

$140.8 million

Partner rewards in Q3 2023

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