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Introducing the next level of Exness

29 January 2024

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we’re taking our brand to the next level to reflect what’s made us the world's largest retail broker.

Connecting to our roots

At Exness, we approach things a certain way. 

With everything we do, we balance technology and ethics to solve market inefficiencies and power our traders. We call this balance using our 'head' and our 'heart'. It all connects to one vision: to reimagine how the trading market could be.

“If it doesn’t exist, we invent it. If it does exist, we improve it.” – Petr Valov, Founder and CEO, Exness

We have innovated, pushed boundaries, and challenged the status quo from day one. Now, 15 years later, we stand as the largest retail broker in the world. With over 700,000 active traders, more than 64k partners, and a monthly trading volume of up to $4.8 trillion USD, we've achieved the exceptional. But this is just the beginning for us. There’s plenty more to come, and it’s time we elevated our brand to connect our roots to the future of trading.

“We are the leader in every important category in our industry, now it’s time for our brand to become world-leading too.” – Alfonso Cardalda, CMO, Exness

Meet the EXO

At Exness, we believe everything is connected. 

This comes to life through a single source that connects our brand together.


The EXO is a whole system with several meanings in balance

Within the EXO are Exness’ recognizable initials ‘e’ and ‘x’. As it rotates, a circle representing the head and a heart icon emerge. This embodies our approach to balancing technology and ethics in everything we do.

A distinctive and structurally pure logo

The new Exness logo is born from the EXO. The 'e', 'x' and 'n' are built with mathematical purity, which balances with humanized ‘s’ shapes designed for comfortable reading.

A consistent width and perfectly centered crossbar create harmony and balance.

A fresher, cleaner yellow

Our iconic yellow color ties deeply to Exness’ heritage, and now guides you to what matters most. This updated yellow is complemented with a brand new color palette to instill a sense of calm confidence.

The next level of brand experiences

Born from the EXO’s shapes, our brand systems are designed to deliver what you need—when you need it. From a concise focus on functional communications to visual intrigue in expressive moments, we’ve put people’s experiences first.

“Our new brand has a purpose for everything, and everything has a purpose.” – Jennifer Van De Vooren, Head of Brand, Exness

2024 will look like nothing before

Exciting times are ahead. Get ready to meet our new brand in our next marketing campaigns, product comms, and future expos. We are taking our brand to the next level, and you're going to be right in the center.

“For the new brand, our plan is to use the power of data-driven insights and creative storytelling to build real connections with our audience. We're inviting clients to experience a new company narrative, where their engagement will shape the future of our brand.” – Alfonso Cardalda, CMO

Want to know more? Read our FAQs about the rebrand.

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